You may know me from

I hope to make you feel full of love who you really are

Happiness and love are already within you from the essence. The trick is to start feeling and experiencing this again. I hope to inspire, motivate and make you feel full of love who you really are. This allows everyone to live a light and happy life, in the here and now, without judgment. With my work, the propagation of my vision and mission, I pass this on out of love for everything and everyone around me.

“Every person is already whole and complete from his essence. When you realize that, you can live from your heart. Let your feelings speak and live the way your life is meant to be.”

Every day I meditate, and every day I feel connected to myself and everything around me. That connection is so important to be yourself. My intuition tells me the way and I therefore always listen to my feelings. I believe, I know that this has brought me where I am now. Who I really am, from my essence. And that is for everyone: everyone is whole and complete, full of love. It goes without saying that this will not happen automatically. Becoming who you really are is a process of awareness, a process of daring to open up and daring to show your vulnerabilities. Allowing what is in you, and letting go of what no longer serves you. And most importantly, love yourself.

Deep valleys

I too, like everyone else, have gone through deep valleys in my life. My life mission does not come out of the blue. My childhood, a painful divorce and traumatic experiences have caused a lot of pain. For fear, sadness and uncertainty. In those deep valleys I was confronted more than intensively with myself and eventually I realized that all this, my life so far, was ‘just’ my story and that this was not me. I discovered that I myself was responsible for being truly happy.

The beginning of awareness

As a little girl I already felt different. I grew up in a very down-to-earth, earthy and loving family. My father was a dentist, my mother a remedial teacher, I have an older brother and a twin sister. It was a warm family. Even though I came from an earthly nest, I felt things and saw things that other people did not see. I was (and still am) extremely highly sensitive: I picked up on everything. But it also made me feel very lonely at times. That high sensitivity and the psychic abilities of which I did not understand what they were made me restless; I felt really misunderstood at times and alone in this piece. Spirituality at that time was not done and unknown. So I knew I had certain gifts, but I couldn’t do anything with them. It actually hit me more and more. Still, there were people around me who did recognize it, and through them I ended up with a psychic therapist when I was 16 years old. And this was the beginning of my awareness, getting to know myself and the healing of my pains and traumas.

The beginning to come back to myself was there. Basically I didn’t feel good enough. I was extremely achievement-oriented and a perfectionist. I lost more and more connection with myself and my heart because of all the balls I had to keep high from myself: the to do’s every day and everything I imposed on myself. Because of my traumatic experiences, I had low self-esteem and somewhere (unconsciously yet) I was convinced that I wasn’t worth loving. This was suppressed by hard work and that strong urge to perform. I was wearing a mask that said “I can do it alone”, “I don’t need anyone”, “I work hard, so I matter” and other beliefs. I trained at the higher hotel school, then worked in the corporate world as a team leader at a large company and account manager. This thing I did was all work, but I felt I wanted much more than that. I wanted to listen to my heart and do what my gut told me!

“When a rehabilitation doctor asked me what would be on my tombstone, and what I would like to have on it, I realized that I came to this earth to help people.”

The turning point in my life

That’s why I started with Reiki. That was the best step I could take at the time. Then I started training as a naturopathic therapist. And that was the turning point in my life. Here I started to feel myself again and gradually learned to love myself again. That feeling hit harder than I ever thought possible. Shortly after graduating, I was in a serious car accident. This made me realize that life on earth can suddenly be over. When the rehabilitation doctor asked me what would be on my tombstone, and what I would like to have on it, I realized deep down, with a strong conviction, that I came to this earth to help people. That I really want to mean something important to people. My soul mission was born and present in every fiber of my being!

After training as a naturopathic therapist, I continued to develop. I followed a coaching training and a medium training, obtained a Master in family constellations and expanded that with various courses. In 2009 I started my own practice. Six months later I was working on this full-time. I also gave Reiki courses. I was then asked by various trainers, where I had followed the courses myself, to teach there. The coaching was tailor-made for me. I loved it! Inspiring people and empowering them themselves. That is very beautiful!

A good friend of mine asked me if it wasn’t even time for my own education. I taught so much in different places. Then I developed the two-year Holistic Therapist training together with a team of specialists.

“The birth of my daughter is the most beautiful thing life has given me. I learn from her every day; she is the best mirror I could wish for.”

Be who I really am

The birth of my daughter Maya gave me a deep sense of unconditional love. Maya is the most beautiful thing life has given me. She is the best mirror I could wish for and brings so much light into my life. I learn from her every day.

Unfortunately, my marriage was less successful, a year after Maya’s birth. Maya’s father and I got divorced. It was a very difficult period in my life. During that period I met spiritual leader Gangaji. What a gift! That was the moment that everything came together: all my experiences, traumas, love, happiness, pain, sadness… everything fell into place. Gangaji brought me back into my consciousness, as whole and complete. My essence was there again, I felt again. It was the greatest liberation. I rediscovered myself by descending to the very deepest bottom. With Gangaji I really “woke up” and I became who I really am again, from my essence.

The energy of Gangaji is special, wonderful and enormously palpable. I also wanted to pass on this energy. And she called me her ‘lineage’, her channel. This has been one of the most precious events of my life for me.

Liberation and connection

Living from your true essence makes you live your most beautiful version of yourself, your most beautiful life. Who lovingly, from connection, awareness contributes to a more beautiful world. And that is what I wanted to pass on and I have also incorporated it directly into the Holistic Therapist training and all courses and activities at ZoMa Training.

Everything that has happened in my life is not who I am. It is my story, but by living from my essence I have been able to give everything a place. I discovered that emotions are there, but you are not them. Like thoughts, you have them but you are not them. The awareness that we are all whole and complete and connected: that liberation, that’s what it’s really about.

“This awareness that we are all whole and complete and connected; that liberation, that is an indescribable feeling. And I give that to everyone.”

My mission is to spread this light, that essence, awareness and that self-love to everyone. I grant it to every person to live from the heart, to be free. I want to help people awaken spiritually, open their hearts and live in the Now. I am therefore very happy that the ZoMa Training, which I founded, is doing so well. More than a thousand people have already completed the Holistic Therapist training, and many thousands have obtained their Reiki certificate here. All these people pass on light and love and that feels so very special!

My mission

Inspiring people to follow their hearts and live the most beautiful version of yourself. Plenty, from light and love!

In order to propagate my mission, I am not only working daily out of unconditional love with my training institute ZoMa Opleidingen, but I also write articles, columns and blogs, share meditations, masterclasses and podcasts and have read the books ‘Holistic life, effortlessly happy are’ written. The latter are available via the ZoMa Training webshop.

A more beautiful, lighter and more loving world for everyone may seem like a utopia, but this is what I stand for. And we do that together by connecting, loving and living from our heart. By being grateful for our story, from which we learn. And by enjoying every moment and the smallest details. In every person there is unconditional love and a beacon of light.