New! ‘Highly sensitive? Your greatest strength”

My new highly sensitive handbook? Your greatest strength workbook and card deck with insight cards will be available as a pre-order from August 16. The books are about high sensitivity in all its facets. The book set and the accompanying card deck form a wonderful package with which you take the next step towards yourself and use your high sensitivity as a strength.

Bestseller ‘Holistic Living, Effortlessly Happy’

Last May my handbook and workbook Holistic Living, Effortlessly Happy, was published. With these books I want to invite you to get to know yourself, to be who you really are from your deepest core. Based on my own experiences, my vision and knowledge, my books take you on a journey to your inner Self.

You may know me from
My mission

Inspiring people to follow their hearts and live the most beautiful version of yourself. Plenty, from light and love!

Living from your true essence

I write these books because I wish everyone a light, loving and effortlessly happy life. My mission is to spread light and love, and I confirm that with these releases. Allow yourself to be effortlessly happy, and live your life from your deepest being. Make your dreams come true and shape your life mission. My books will help you with that.