Connecting, loving and living together from our hearts

Live from your true essence. Being who you really are: this is my life mission. I founded ZoMa Training 13 years ago and I am very happy that it is doing so well. More than a thousand people have already completed the Holistic Therapist training, and many thousands have obtained their Reiki certificate here. All these people pass on light and love and that feels so very special!

Is ZoMa right for you?

Do you want to be happy without conditions or obstacles? Connecting with yourself and with everything around you? Then choose the quality, professionalism and connection of ZoMa.

You learn to see from your core that you are whole and complete and you become who you really are. We attach endless value to connection, deepening and awareness. Meet like-minded ZoMis in our warm community, accessible and free. Come on in.